Wonderful baby blankie

This is a baby blankie made by Douglas cuddle toys that measures approximately 13 x13 in.  It is incredibly soft and cute.  They come in a variety of styles; monkey, horse, bear, duck, lamb and dog.  They are completely baby safe and machine washable.  These items are usually priced at around $10.00 making them a wonderfully affordable baby gift.

Our personal favorites are the monkey and the horse.  The horse has a very soft mane.  My son (7 months) has the monkey.  Initially, I slept with this blankie so that it would have my scent for my son when he came home from the hospital.  Then when we brought him home we used it as a blanket for the car-seat.  Today it is his favorite item.  He will not fall asleep without it.  I have an extra one stored in our closet in case the first Chichi happens to get lost.  That would be tragic as any mom knows. 

 I have found this item to be very durable withstanding many washings.  Word to the wise… this item should be air dried to maintain the plush at its best quality.  Though in an emergency I have thrown it into the dryer…it just wears on the plush. 

Douglas makes a line of matching larger blankets and rattles that go along with these blankies.  These items can be purchased at various online stores including amazon.com.


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