Baby cozies for Easter…

These baby cozies are made by North American Bear Co.  If you are familiar with their products you know that their products are incredibly soft.  These cozies are approximately 8″ in size, machine washable and baby safe.  They come in a variety of styles including these bunnies, a bear, duck, baby face, lion, horse, dog, cat, pig, lamb, penguin and many more. 

They make great security blankets that fit easily into a diaper bag or purse.  I personally thought the bunnies, lamb or the duck would make a good Easter item for a baby.  My son is getting one for Easter.  I think he will really like it since he is a blankie boy.  I have been buying these cozies as baby gifts for friends for several years now.  Everyone has really seemed to like them.  They are very reasonably priced at around $7. 

These cozies do wash very well but again are best if hung to dry.  I have not been able to locate these in a local store but they can be found on-line at various stores including La Petite Tica


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