Cool cars for baby or toddler…

Playskool wheel pal cars have been out for a while now, but they are new to us.  They come in three sizes…small, medium and large.  They are soft vehicles that wheel around with the easiest touch.  The smallest size is good for infants.  The medium and larger sizes are best for toddlers. 

I have to say these cars didn’t strike me initially when I saw them.  However, my son received these as a Christmas gift and now we are hooked on collecting all the different styles.  We like these toys at our house because they are something my 7 month old and 4 year old can play together.  My son will sit and vroom the cars back and forth and even chew on them, while my daughter will roll them all around him.  It is quite cute to see until they decide they want the same one and we all know what happens then.  

These are cute because of the different styles that are available.  Wheel pal cars are washable which is nice for children who are teething and decide they are for chewing as well as vrooming.  They can be found at local stores and on-line at hasbrotoyshop.


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