A classic toy!

This is a 1:12 scale plastic toy of a black lab made by Schleich.  Schleich makes a line of toys which include all varieties of animals and some people.  They range in price starting at $3 on up.  Most of these toys are hand size for toddlers.  This picture doesn’t do justice to the quality and detail of the toy.

I was first introduced to Schleich animals after our black lab died.  My daughter who was 1 1/2 at the time was missing our dog (Syd) terribly.  We stumbled across this toy at a local store and I bought it so she would have a reminder of Syd.  It quickly became a favorite.  When we got our new dog we purchased the schleich dog that matched.   The two hand sized dogs traveled EVERYWHERE with us…car, store, restaurant, pool, and sandbox.  She imagined with these dogs for hours.  I loved that they fit in my purse but were small enough for her to carry.  I also LOVED that she was using her imagination and playing with something that didn’t require batteries and make noise.  So many toys do all the work for kids.  These two dogs were a long time favorite.  She literally played with them for at least two years straight…although they still get quite a bit of attention 3 years later.  She has since started collecting all the Schleich animals and has quite the collection of horses and zoo animals.  The ostrich was also a favorite that saw many a sunny day at the pool.  Who knew ostriches were such big swimmers.

Schleich dogs are a classic that have held up with years of use in the sand, pool and bath.  These are the toys I will eventually pack into her hope chest for her children to play with.  My 7 month old is fascinated by the dogs…although he is too young for them.  My daughter saved up her allowance and bought him two dogs of his own (they are sitting in her bedroom drawer waiting for his first birthday)…if that tells you what she thinks of these toys.  When he gets older we will start him on his own collection…maybe the dinosaurs.  By the way…mini pony tail holders make good collars for these dogs as they are just the right size and come in a variety of colors.  You wouldn’t want your dog out running around without a collar; he might get lost.

 These toys can be purchased locally and on-line at sites such as amazon.com.


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